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Nadja Thea Šegedin Schmitt, to you,

who inspired me with your playfulness and an innocent view of life to start writing this story…,

and to you,

Martina Grozić,

who motivated me to finish this story, watching you restlessly absorb the joy of life and warm up my insecure heart with it.


Thank you Michie, because without your engagement, knowledge and abilities, and most of all; unselfish help, it would take ten more years for me to bring this book to an end!

And to you, Kulerica, thank you for cheering me with your words throughout the hall period of making this book and for being my support. I have completely felt your faith in me!


Mihaela Lela Tribuljak

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And so happened the thing that the Light feared it might happen once. The period of Darkness, when the balance between the light and the darkness will be attacked and desecrated.

Worry that the rogue brother, almost extinguished in his loneliness and cold, wish to live and for the warmth to flow through his being, and that he would be overcame by the envy towards brother’s creatures. To be irritated by the kindness which his brother shined towards him, loving him.

That the Darkness will want for the brother to evanesce and the light with him, wanting to send him away to the corner of the vastness, to smolder and writhe just like he did for cycles.

In the silence of the darkness he was sneaking to the sleepy and careless planets which swarm with abundance, peace and prosperity. He observed them with fury and wish to destroy everything that his brother joyfully and with a lot of love created, planting goodness in the living beings and not living place for the Darkness to instill in them.

With selfish urges and remorse for alienating from his brother when he needed him the most, to celebrate and create life together, just like it was once given as a gift to him.

Hungry for life, hungry for ruling and unquenched brother’s love, he jealously lurks and leaves the shadows behind him in the hands of the Lord of the Shadows, to float above the planets, waiting for the fertile land woven from envy and pride to appear, so that the Lord of the Shadows releases the seeds from his arms towards the ground, to fly away and fall on it, so on that spot a meadow of green grass sprouts, decorated by the blossoming, alluring blue flowers.

Thus hidden and sneaking, he awaits for the step to visit him and the Darkness to permeate the whole being, and in his new form to keep stepping forward and sowing the seed of evil in order to throw the Planet off balance, shred the abundance and sit on the throne, declaring that the time of Darkness prevailed, sucking the impulse of life and warmth out of terrified beings, until he turns them off and embrace them. Thus relishing the sorrow and disappointment in his brother’s eyes.

Only one Planet defied him for a long time with the power of Light and despair was getting stronger in him because he couldn’t implant himself on it.

The beings celebrated the light, peace and prosperity so much, that the envy and pride didn’t even exist in their beings.

Trapped Darkness was planted so deep inside the Planet that he couldn’t push through it, because it was well guarded in order to be prevented from crawling out to the surface.

He was disgusted by them and he had even a stronger wish to desecrate that place.

Cycles were passing, and he crushed other planets out of his inability, embittered as if he was destroying the one he wanted with his hands.

He observed birth of every living being and grew hope inside him that in that very being, he would see a trace of evil, to implant himself.

He didn’t plan to give up but he patiently waited, knowing what this planet represents for his brother and what pain will its destruction cause him.

The beings from that planet never even suspected what kind of covey lays above them in the vastness of the universe. Without a care, they enjoyed the prosperity which Daah offered them. So many different families inhabited it and without exception, respected other families and the mutual diversity.

However, one family, gifted by the power of strong sub conscience and magic still believed that it stands out among others and that it is closer to the Father, who rules the planet, than the other families and that it deserves more respect than the others do.

That ignite Darkness’s eyes, giving it hope that the way inside the planet was found. Dark thoughts streamed through the being and were tearing it apart from the inside. It didn’t try to fight the darkness back, but it drew strength from it.

The Darkness used that being’s state and with a whisper, it called it to find a meadow and set foot on it. Promising power, ruling, subjects and nectar of immortality to the being.

Deceived and carried away, the being left to find the ground of evil in the secret of its intentions.

Naively, it set foot on the meadow and adjudicated itself with a damnation which it couldn’t even imagine. Alienation, turndown and spurn from everybody. The madness of loneliness and unquenched hunger for blood were that promised nectar, without which this being would never again be able to set foot on the Light’s part of planet’s ground.

Soon after she gave herself to the damnation of Darkness, still partially aware, Mirenna created Screamers like herself, transferring the seed of evil in them and thus damning them to stay undetermined, to be torn between the Light and Darkness in endlessly long cycles, and to try with deceit open the gate to the Darkness, for it to rule the planet and take away freedom from all the living beings.

With each cycle, she became stronger and more obedient to evil, as the only thing she acknowledges. In her sisters, she implanted the mission of throwing the prosperity out of balance, destroying peace and planting fear. They meanly crawled inside the kingdom and waited for their chance to begin the destruction, so they could put their new master to the throne and serve him, making all of the families their subjects, food…in order to leave forever and in the way that thought they are entitled to.

Unfortunately for all the beings of that planet, the moment came for them to get involved with their destinies and disturb the life they knew until then…


  1. 5 out of 5

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    Odlicna kniga…

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    “Mogu Vam reći da mi se osobno priča jako sviđa, u početku djeluje kao priča za djecu i mlađe ljude sa velikim potencijalom, jako me podsjeća na Harry Potter sagu u svom osebujnom stilu. Što sam je više čitao, više mi se sviđa i budi mi interes i želju za još. Autor ima nevjerojatnu maštu, iako imam osjećaj da je uzela neke elemente iz djetinjstva. Na kraju, doživio sam knjigu kao metafora za Boga, vječnu borbu snaga dobra i zla… Za mene, to je dobra knjiga , Nikola”

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